Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where'd July Go?

Taste of a Chicago Dog
Well...It's AUGUST! I just realized I haven't blogged since June 24th when Ash Mat had just left! Probably because it's been unbelievably busy for the Latchford-Morgan Duo & Company. First I attended my first Chicago Gay Pride Parade with much fun! Then Mom & Dad Latchford came for a 10 day visit. The first part of the trip Greg & I worked while Mom & Dad stayed home with the pups. We had good weather that week so they got to enjoy the back yard quite a bit. Greg & I were happy to come home to sleepy, mellow pups! Mom, Meghan & I did a little wedding dress shopping with some success...but we still haven't bought anything, so stay tuned. We also went to the Taste of Chicago, The Grant Park Orchestra's Independence Day Performance, & hosted some friends for a 4th of July Backyard Barbecue - complete with a Cornhole Tournament!
Grant Park Concert
Sadly all things must come to an end, and in addition to my parents leaving, Greg left the following day to go back to Utah for the last 2 sessions of Horizons. LUCKY for me I had Zeta Tau Alpha's National Leadership Conference coming up so I had lots to look forward to. I was invited to NLC to attend the advisors academy, but I was also surprised to be presented with the Della Lewis Hundley Founders' Grant for Graduate Education. It was a thrill & I am so honored!
Drinking from the Old Well at UNC
Towards the end of July Greg came home & we both traveled with Sigma Chi to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where we helped host Sigma Chi's Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. UNC was beautiful & it felt great to be back in the Southeast again...I'm beginning to feel my heart strings tugging me in that direction...maybe after graduation. We had a great week with our Sigma Chi family & were sad to leave North Carolina, but we couldn't WAIT to get back to Lilah & Sadie & FINALLY be in the same city together for a while. We've got BIG plans this August...starting with some apartment hunting, registering for wedding gifts, Lollapalooza, My Mom's return to Chicago & buying a wedding dress...hopefully I can mark that one off my Summer To Do List this month! Happy August everybody!

Summer lovin',

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  1. August sounds fun! Wedding dress shopping and registering were my favorite parts of engagement! Your blog is adorable!