Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunshine State

I'm going to Florida 2 Weeks from TOMORROW! I can hardly stand it! And while I'm there I get to visit with some of my very favorite people, have both "sides" of my family together at once, get a good strong over dose of girl time, go sailing, meet baby Ella & marry Greg Morgan. This blog is going to sport these palm trees until we leave...I have never been this excited in my LIFE!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Round Up

I literally had to get my calendar out to even remember what's happened since our wedding invitations  went out. First thing we did was go to Canada for the annual Sigma Chi hockey tournament just outside of Toronto. We flew in to Detroit late on Friday night & a friend of ours drove us straight through to our final destination, which was a beautiful Marriott hotel. THANK GOD! On our way of course we stopped by the Windsor Sigma Chi house, which looked something like the staff lounge at a highway gas station to me, but the residents seemed happy enough. The tournament started early the next morning so Greg & one of the Windsor guys headed out early & our friend Will & I came along later. Greg played 3 games, and scored 2 goals. He played center for quite a while which made for good photo opportunities. After Greg was finished playing he came up to sit with me & my new friend, a fellow Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Cathy who's engaged to be married to a Windsor Sigma Chi this summer. We had fun with our girl talk but we were excited for the boys to join. Her mister went on to win the MVP award for their team, and we were all very proud! The next day we took our 4 hour drive back to Windsor & then crossed back over to the state side. I just have one thing to say about the border agents: RUDE! Even though we had a super time in Canada we were ready to head back home, get the puppies & get ready for the week. Unfortunately our flight from Detroit to St. Louis had different long story short we ended up staying the night at the Detroit Metro Marriott. Maybe it wasn't the most luxurious detour, but I just love getting lost with Greg Morgan.

The following week I got to go visit my very own wedding dress for the very first time! My Mom & I picked it out online long before a sample even came in, and then Meghan & I "sampled the sample" in September & in late January the dress I'll wear the day I marry my Mister arrived in Chicagoland. I visited that sweet frock a couple weeks ago & I'm going back TONIGHT for my final fitting, & this time Coop's coming along. I can hardly wait.

We also celebrated the Superbowl two weeks ago with our favorite neighbors, Rich & Charlene...(I need to stop calling them Neighbors & come up with something more appropriate for how vital they are to us). Charlene graciously said we'd "co-host" but per usual she did all of the work & it was so fun! Rich & Greg organized some games & we had plenty of snacks & libations to go around. Many of our neighbors from the complex came & so did some of our other non-neighbor friends. We had a great time, per usual, & we were excited that the Giants won!

This week should be as low key as a week can be for two people who are 3 weeks away from their wedding, going to school & work full time. This weekend we'll be travelling to join one of our favorite mentors & friends at the Beta Theta Pi North Central Keystone Conference. It'll be my first time facilitating a track & both of our second time acting as chapter mentors. We just love Keystone! We're also bringing a "new" friend from school with us, who's going to be a great addition to the Friends of Beta family.

For now I'm off to get my wedding dress. No pics for this is as bridal as it gets for 26 more days. Weeee!!!