Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing's sweeter than summertime...

Obviously I'm getting a little case of "almost-done-with-the-semester-itis" I've been daydreaming & plotting how I'm going to spend my whole summer. I've decided so that I make sure to do ALL the things I want this summer I should make a list (below) & chronicle my summer adventures. I can HARDLY wait...If I work SUPER hard this weekend I could be done with this semester by MONDAY! Here's what's on the list so far...I'm sure there's more to come!

Things to do this summer:
- Plant a Garden
- Take a sewing class
- Read for fun (BOOK LIST coming soon!)
- Learn to read crochet patterns
- Buy a wedding dress
- Go to a block party (Maybe even host one?) -- I didn't host one, But I went! & there's ONE MORE left to attend this summer! MAIN STREET BLOCK PARTY!!
- Go to the 4th of July Grant Park Orchestra Performance

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  1. I have been Crocheting! It's not hard at all I have faith you can read the patterns