Tuesday, August 2, 2011

American Pie...I mean, Cake

Whilst Blog Browsing some time ago I stumbled across a post about layer cakes, which I immediately dismissed as something I'd never do successfully. As Independence Day approached, I was at a loss for ideas for a Yankee Doodle Dessert Table. What I HAD was 2 boxes of cake mix, enough icing for a wedding cake & 2 boxes of food coloring...So I decided to try my hand at layer cake!I made both boxes of cake mix, and divided it up into 3 pans. I colored 1 of the pans red, and one blue...leaving the other white of course! After baking & cooling I leveled out the cakes, iced between the layers & stacked them! Topped off this 3 story treat with some red & blue sprinkles & served it up to my 4th of July guests! Next time I think I'll try to tall, skinny Rainbow Cake...that looks like my kinda dessert! 

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