Friday, August 19, 2011

best. week. ever.

Ok I'm going to be a little indulgent for a moment & say I JUST LOVE when things go my way! Greg's home moving us out of our dearly loved but completely dysfunctional garden apartment in Lakeview...The only thing we'll miss about that apartment is the backyard & garden. We found a beautiful apartment in a neighborhood called Buena Park. It's very close to the beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront & conveniently located just NORTH of fun/crazy Wrigleyville/Lakeview.  While we're giving up our own private garden, we're gaining lots of room, including room for a dining room table & a beautiful upgraded kitchen!

Some other positive developments in Latchland....I got some exciting news from the bridal salon I've visited about  a dress I have a crush on, we heard back from a potential caterer about a wedding menu that may just change my whole life & I've started designing what I think will be an awesome design piece for the wedding (& later, our gorgeous apartment). Like I said...I just LOVE when things go my way.

And, just because I'm totally hopelessly over the moon in love with my pups, here's some weekend puppy love!

Happy Friday,

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