Monday, May 23, 2011

Sprouts & Such

The To Do in Lakeview series continues...with the back yard edition! We FINALLY climbed out of the icy cold grip of a brutal Chicago Winter/Spring & got some sunshine & warm weather this past weekend so Greg & I took FULL advantage. Of course it rained on Saturday until 3 o'clock, but while it was raining, I was able to sew some seeds in my Jiffy greenhouse, including lettuce & sunflowers. The garden expert at Home Depot said that it was "too late" for Lettuce, which I'm confused about because it's been too cold for anything to grow never mind for an entire harvest to have slipped away...but I sewed the seeds anyway (this vegetarian's trying to grow her own lunch). Once the sun broke out & it stopped raining Greg & I started pulling weeds & preparing our little garden for a brand new season. Greg even cut down 2 trees & completely uprooted another. When it was all said & done, we planted some annuals, some perennials, some tomatoes, onions, cucumbers & strawberries. Greg also managed to replace our backyard light with a new mason-jar-esque lantern that we can turn on & off when we want...He's really conquering his fear of electricity (until this morning's circuit breaker adventure...he's taking a break from electrical projects for a little while). We enjoyed the rest of the weekend in the backyard admiring our handy work, drinking coffee, playing with the pups, barbecuing with friends, & feeling very "married"...I even wrote in the gardening journal Coop gave me as a birthday gift (& I JUST LOVE it). All in all it was a super weekend & we're looking forward to watching our very first garden grow, especially those little's hoping I didn't miss the boat on lettuce after all.

Agriculturally yours,
More Photos of Our Lakeview Love Affair

P.S. - If the sprouts take hold & mature, I'll write a "how to"...but the jury's still out as to whether or not I actually know what I'm doing. Stay tuned.

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