Monday, May 16, 2011

To Do In Lakeview

So our apartment isn't exactly "contemporary" fact, she's a little out dated. But we love 'er, and some of the ways she shows her age are charming. But others are simply inexcusable, so we're planning on upgrading a few things:

  • Replace all of the mini blinds. (Lilah did most of the work on this project. She ripped one set in the living room to shreds one day while I was running errands.)
  • Put up curtains. (Lilah helped to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.)
  • Take down the hanging 70's lamp that's so low a middle schooler would crack his skull while trying to pass under it. (Greg cracked his skull & took it down while subsequently conquering his fear of electrical work. Go babe.)
  • Take down the low hanging bar shelf in the bathroom. (Greg also cracked his head on this & took it down immediately purely for self-preservation.)
  • Replace the "hardware" on the cabinetry in the bathroom. (I've started this project...I accidentally broke the toilet paper roll)
  • Put up a photo collage in the living room.
  • Replace the back yard light. (Completed May 21)
  • Replace the back porch indoor-outdoor floor mats.
  • Find an alternative to paint to bring in some color. 
  • Dress up the front entrance.
  • Clean up the back yard.(Started May 21)
  • Start a compost pile.(Started May 21)
  • Grow some grass. (Still in progress...But it's looking promising as of 6/24!)
  • Burlap helps the green grass grow...
  • Plant a vegetable garden. (Started May 21)

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  1. I once read in a blog about a woman who couldn't paint in her apartment, so she used contact paper to turn her kitchen cabinets from dark oak to white. And it didn't ruin the wood finish upon removal. There's also the possibility of nailing/stapling a large piece of fabric to act as wallpaper.