Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Worm

Bookmark by Risky Beads
In honor of Oprah, one of my favorite fellow book enthusiasts (& the unfortunate end of her talk show), I'm putting up my Summer reading list! I'm looking forward to some fiction, some drama, some self help, some social justice, some instructional & some comedy. And I'm going to commit to only reading either used books or library books...First, I think there's something magical about library books, second because it's cheaper, and third, because there's already enough "stuff" in circulation, there doesn't need to be any more on my account. **stepping off my soap box**

So here it is...Clearly it's not an exhaustive list, just a few I've been looking forward to taking the time to read...but I'm hoping you'll comment with some must-reads I've over looked (Some CLASSICS perhaps?) Also - I'm on the hunt for a great chick lit book for my mom & I to read together this summer...not too heavy, but not too mushy...suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Happy Reading,

PS - I love sharing a good book, but I find they rarely make it back to my library. Here's a template for some cutesy little book plates from one of my favorite blogs  to remind fellow book worms where your books belong! Sharing is caring..Download here!
ONE MORE THING - Oprah's Book Club website has a handy bookmark maker application on can't put a personalized Oprah book mark in a nook, or a kindle now CAAAAAAAN YOU? Noooo...

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