Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah..."Until we meet again"

Last night I hosted an Oprah Finale watch party for some of the girls. We served  wine, champagne & some h'ordeuvres including Crostini with Wild Mushrooms & Mozzarella from my Oprah cookbook. I also downloaded some SUPER cute printable decorations from one of my favorite blogs, Design Editor. We played "BingOprah" &...brace yourselves...GREG WON! I gave away my favorite things as prizes, including L'Occitane Hand Cream & Koozies (Greg opted for the Koozie...which of course he already owned anyway). We had lots of fun watching the show & sharing our individual "Oprah stories". I've printed Oprah's love letter to us, her fans, so that I can read it again. I know not everybody was an Oprah fan, but I was, and I'm going to miss her. Thanks to Design Editor for the decorative inspiration & to Oprah for all the laughs & lessons...and for inviting Coop & I to your show last year. It was a dream come true!
Julia & Coop Won Round 2!

Until we meet again,

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