Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ready To Shop...Sort Of

It typically takes very little to motivate me to shop, mostly online but sometimes in the store. Typically I just like to browse, and when I do actually shop in person I am notorious for picking up items of interest along the way, carrying them around the store & then thinking better of it & putting them back (read: on the closest shelf). Lately I've been doing a lot of Wedding browsing, but not for what you'd think. You'd think when the celebrated "Wedding Planning" phase comes around that you'd be buying Bridal things left and right, but the things that I'm most excited & anxious to buy are the things for other people. For example, I've already got my mind made up on what seems like 100 things I want to give my bridesmaids. There's an equally long list of gifts I want to give to Greg. The way I "carry around" these things is by printing off ideas & putting them in a file on my desk so I won't forget when its time to buy. I'm always afraid I'm going to forget. I seriously don't know how I'm going to keep this stuff secret for a year, but I can tell you if you're in my wedding party, don't look at any folders on my desk marked "Wedding".

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