Sunday, March 13, 2011

ChIrish Challenge 2011

Chicago River - St. Patty's Parade Day 2011
On the Saturday before each St. Patrick's Day the City of Chicago hosts perhaps the best party in the history of parties. Yesterday was that day for 2011 & it didn't disappoint! We didn't make the river dying (at 10 AM) or the Parade, but we did manage to turn the big day into a scavenger hunt. We had some green beers, stole some shamrocks, ate french fry sandwiches, had a dance party, & even found a little "gold". If you've read any of my facebook statuses or talked to me in the last three years you know already how grateful I feel for the privilege of this life and all of the people in it, and yesterday was another in a series of great days spent with amazing friends & family. Too blessed to be stressed! 

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