Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 Days To Go...

Today is March 10, 2011 and this time next year I imagine I'll be sitting in a sunshiny room with a bunch of women I love, drinking a mimosa, listening to my favorite music getting fancied up for my wedding day. Greg will be somewhere with the men he loves laughing & hugging & getting pats on the back for his big day. Later that day I'll get to marry the most handsome, brilliant, patient & kind person I know in front of the people that he and I both care about the most. When I get all caught up in the business of wedding planning all I have to do is go to that place, just 1 short year away, be there with the people I love & imagine marrying my best friend & suddenly I feel completely relaxed.

I'm so excited to celebrate for the next 365 days & I'm even more excited to know that this time next year I will be surrounded by the kindest, most loving and supportive people that ever lived. I am so lucky to call all of those people family, and even luckier that I'll be able to call one of them Husband.

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  1. i'm just now reading this and it totally made me cry. very sweet. so unbelievably happy for you.