Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Do 2.0

We are in big time love with the new place & have lots of BIG TIME plans to make it our own. Luckily we've got lots of great stuff that just needs a little facelifting here & there to fit in the new place. And what we don't already have we make up for in ingenuity & elbow grease. Normally these things wouldn't have any real time frame, but since my Chicago bridal shower is coming up & it's at MY house, so we've got lots to do in the next month!

  • Frame photos, notes, keepsakes & such to hang on the GIANT bare walls (Inspiration from Young House Love
  • Hang living room curtains & curtain rods  (9/24)
  • Frame Greg's Love Notes (9/24)
  • Put up dining room curtains & curtain rods (9/24)
  • Re-cover dining room chairs (9/24)
  • Re-stain dining room table
  • Find 2 more chairs (second hand) & or bench for dining room 
  • Refinish Armoire (this one's going to be a BIGGY)
  • Re-decorate Garfunkle's tank (he needs a facelift too) 
  • Organize living room closet
  • Bedroom curtains 
  • Replace blinds in bedroom (9/24)
  • Bedroom wall decor (9/24)
  • Refinish 3 drawer dresser
  • Living room frame/wall decor
  • Dresser for bedroom? (if we can find a DEAL on a second hand dresser that's just the right size)
The list in my handy brainstorm notebook seems much longer than that one, but of course I've got all these CRAZY ideas jotted all over the place so I "won't forget", which of course I will anyway. 

And yes, we were VERY busy yesterday...And we just love the results. Stay tuned for lots of updates, & of course I'll share where I got the directions/inspiration for this stuff...I'm not so good at coming up with these ideas on my own, but I can follow directions with the best of 'em! 

Happy Happy,

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