Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Planning

It was a bitter sweet decision for Greg & I to agree to stay in Chicago for Christmas this year, but with the wedding coming up we thought it was the smartest decision. Mostly because of the expense (you KNOW we have to fly Lilah & Sadie with us for Christmas. I refuse to celebrate holidays without my "children") but also because if there was ever a year when the timing was right to not go home for Christmas, it's the year before the wedding. Most years after this one it'll be more imperative, but this year, what's imperative is that we be together, & we will be. Ok, moving on...

My sweet neighbor Charlene, who should be solely credited for righting the wrong that was Lilah & Sadie's behavior is approaching her 1st Holiday season as a Chicago resident & since we are also new to our building, we thought it would be a good idea to throw "neighborhood Holiday party" to get to know everybody. This combined with the treat of preparing my first Christmas feast means I'm already planning & organizing. I've scrounged around for all of the coupons I can find & have a pretty good shopping list going which I'm going to STRICTLY adhere to otherwise we'll have to postpone the wedding...Holiday grocery trips can get PRETTY expensive. Shout out to The Project Girl for the best Holiday Menu Planner ever.

Also, since I got a head start on Christmas shopping, all of those little gifties are already on their way to our family & friends which means it's time to start crackin' on the holiday cards. Last year we worked with an Etsy artist who created us a custom stamp for our cards, but this year we're showing some Chicago pride with Cubs cards. So exciting! I'm looking forward to finishing up the holiday cards tonight whilst watching Water for Elephants with my mister. Finally!

That's all from this holiday elf. Hope you're enjoying your holiday planning too!


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